Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall Semester

The fall semester is officially underway.  This is our last didactic semester before clinical rotations start (I can't wait)!

This semester we are taking the following classes:
  • PSIO 743 – Fundamentals of Physiology
  • MICB 702 – Microbiology
  • PATH 465 – Medical Laboratory Management
  • PATH 620 – Clinical Pathology Seminar
  • PATH 610 – Educational Methodologies
  • PATH 605 – Advanced Microanatomy
  • Surgical Pathology and Anatomy Review

One of the things I love about having classmates with type A personalities is that they make beautifully organized schedules and notes.  So I’d like to say big thank you to my classmate, Lauren, who made the schedule above!

I’ll be back next week to give a more detailed description of each class. 

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