Saturday, November 9, 2013

Almost There

So I have been terrible at blogging this semester (I apologize).  I could give you a million excuses as to why, but in all honesty this semester is just HARD.   For me it has by far been the hardest of them all.  Having 7 classes definitely keeps you busy at all times, but at least that means that the days are passing by at an alarming rate (only 57 days until we start clinical rotations)!  I cannot wait to start rotations, but we still have 6 exams, 3 quizzes, 1 essay, and 4 finals to get through first! 

And next Saturday is our frozen section lab test!  The goal of this test is to prepare good slides in under 7 minutes; this includes everything from cutting a piece of tissue from the specimen, freezing the tissue, cutting beautiful sections on the cryostat, staining with H&E, and coverslipping the slides.  I can remember back to the first frozen section lab and how horrible I was at the whole process.  I was completely awkward using my left hand (non-dominant hand) to pull the frozen tissue off the block and all of my slides would have wrinkles or tears.  But I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gross room practicing on hotdogs and am feeling much more confident now.

Practicing frozens on hotdog specimens

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